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Eamon Revolutions is an adaptation of the original Eamon game system for the web developed by Derek Jeter. Its design allows Eamon adventures to be played directly inside of any modern web browser without the use of plug-ins or other software. Eamon Revolutions is in many ways a radical departure from the traditional Eamon system, but players both old and new will find the "look and feel" to be authentic. Eamon Revolutions draws much of its functionality from Eamon Deluxe and that adaptation was the inspiration to build Eamon Revolutions. In fact, the author intended the system to be utilized as a "gateway drug" to encourage players to download one of the Eamon systems and enjoy the entire back catalog.

Supported Adventures

Eamon Revolutions is not directly compatible with any of the previous Eamon game systems. As such, adventures must be "ported" to the new system – this includes a data conversion of the BASIC DAT files as well as integration of any custom programming. As such, it is highly unlikely that the entire Eamon catalog of adventures will ever be ported. Not only would the process be quite time consuming, but the author would like for players to experience the original Eamon systems rather than a modernized version.

Major Differences

  • There is no Main Hall in Eamon Revolutions – players simply roll up a character (or multiple characters) and send them on adventures. While adding a Main Hall would help increase authenticity, it is largely peripheral to the "heart" of Eamon, which is the adventures themselves.
  • Ability scores have been slightly changed. Hardiness has been replaced with Strength and there are two new ability scores: Hit Points (amount of damage a player can take before death) and Mana (amount of magical energy a player has to expend on Spells).
  • Universal Spells and Artifacts – In previous Eamon incarnations, only weapons (and a maximum of 4, at that) could be transported between adventures. Furthermore, any special abilities of those weapons were lost. With Eamon Revolutions there is no such weapon limit and all magical properties of the weapon are preserved between adventures (with the exception of game-specific features). Furthermore, Spells learned and magical items obtained are also transportable and usable in other adventures. So, if you find a Ring of Protection +2 and a Staff of the Summoning in one adventure, expect them to work in any other Eamon Revolutions adventure.
  • Usage of armor and wearable items has been expanded. The Armor Class score and Armor Expertise scores are no longer utilized. Instead, there is a Defensive Rating score that reflects all pieces of armor worn (helmets, shields, body armor, etc) and any magical protection from magical items or invoked Spells.
  • Several new commands have been added such as Talk (for interacting with NPCs) and Cast (for Spells).


Eamon Revolutions is currently in Alpha Testing. Players are welcome to try it out but should expect bugs and missing features. The Alpha Version currently only has The Beginners Cave ported for play. The Eamon Revolutions game can be found in the external links below.

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